10 Snorkeling Safety Tips

snorkeling safety

10 Snorkeling Safety Tips

Snorkeling is very easy and quite safe activity. However, accidents happen, but most of them are avoidable if follow the basic snorkeling safety tips written below.

Snorkeling Safety Tips

  1. The most important snorkeling safety rule says: do it with your buddy. Most accidents happen when people snorkel alone. When you snorkeling with your friend stay close and pay attention to each other.
  2. Check whether your snorkeling gear is in good condition, fits you perfectly and you know how to use it.
  3. Know your limits and reserve energy for the way back. Beginners should stay close to the shoreline or boat. Do not push yourself or your buddy beyond your limits. If tired lie on your back for a couple of minutes – this will help you to regain your strength.
  4. Save your energy. Snorkeling with some kind of flotation equipment will regain your energy. Wearing a snorkeling vest or a waist belt will allow you to concentrate on marine attractions and not on fatigue.
  5. If you like to free dive frequently, better make several short dives than one long or, at least, take your time to rest and regain energy between long ones.
  6. Cold water saps strength and drain snorkeler’s heat. If you go snorkeling in cool water wear a wetsuit.
  7. Learn the area where you go snorkeling. Speak to your tour guide or locals and check whether you need to avoid any places, ask about currents, waves, swell, wind speed, depth etc.
  8. Do not touch pelagic creatures. Most marine inhabitants will try to avoid direct contact with people, however, many marine creatures have methods of self-defense and apply it if feel in danger. Keep some distance from all marine life and avoid sudden and quick moves which may startle sea creatures.
  9. Drink enough water before you go snorkeling to avoid dehydration.
  10. Use waterproof sun-protection cream.