Snorkeling Tips That You Need To Know

Some snorkeling tips

Snorkeling Tips That You Need To Know

Several snorkeling tips below will grant you an amazing marine experience.

Some Important Snorkeling Tips

  1. To enjoy a great snorkeling you need to relax in the water. Move slowly, avoid splashes and be as calm as possible. The less noise and movement you make, the closer marine creatures will approach to you.
  2. Goggles must absolutely fit the face. Hold your snorkeling mask up to the face, breathe in through the nose. If your goggles seal perfectly to your face staying in place without the need to hold it then you found your mask. In case air seep in, water will do the same.
  3. All hair must be kept out from the seal. A mustache request an additional treatment – apply some sunscreen, chapstick or vaseline below your nose. This will create a “gasket”. If possible, shave the area below your nose.
  4. The strap of the mask must fit snugly the widest zone of your head. When the strap is placed at the head’s base the water may flow in.
  5. Select a pair of snug fins, they mustn't be too tight as even a little curl of your toes may cause cramps. Slightly bigger fins always better than too small. Fins slip on very easy on wet feet.
  6. When you snorkel always keep your fins beneath the water. Relax your ankles and knees, kick from your hips.
  7. Defog your goggles using special defogging gels or just apply a little drop of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and then rinse it with ocean water.
  8. Practice breathing through your snorkel keeping head outside the water, only after that dip in. Do not bite the snorkel but relax your teeth. Once you are ready, practice relaxed floating with face down in horizontal position.
  9. One of the best snorkeling tips is to know personal limits. No need to push your limitations, improvement of your skills will come with each next experience. Always consider currents, surge, water temperature and visibility.