Maluaka Beach Snorkeling (Turtle Town), Maui, Hawaii
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Maluaka Beach Snorkeling (Turtle Town), Maui, Hawaii

Maluaka Beach is the fabulous location with serene azure water and white sand. Another advantage is that until now rather a small number of people know about Maluaka, hence here it is not so crowded as at some other Maui Island’s beaches. You will certainly have ample room to chill out and enjoy your time.

Discover Maluaka Beach snorkeling with unique giant turtles!

Maluaka Beach Snorkeling will grant you an unforgettable experience of meeting with Hawaiian green sea turtles and it is one of the greatest places for this activity in Maui. Except turtles the sea water at Maluaka Beach Maui is abundant with colorful tropical fishes and other marine life.

Join Turtle Town Snorkeling Attractions

Enjoy Maluaka Beach Coral Reef Snorkeling

The best place for Maluaka Beach snorkeling is its coral reef. To find the reef just make a stroll along the beach southwards until you come to the rocks – this is the point where the reef begins.

Take A Picture With Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

Turtle Town Maui is prominent for its huge population of protected Hawaiian green sea turtles. While snorkeling along the coral reef, you will meet these marvelous turtles together with schools of fish and other unique marine creatures. Hawaiian green sea turtles trust humans and don’t hurry up to swim away – you will have a good deal of time for taking pictures or making a video. One more hint - in spite of the name the shell of Hawaiian green sea turtles is brown and when they lie motionless it is very easy to mix them with rocks.

Revel In Watching The Showy Tropical Marine Creatures

The marine life at Maluaka Beach Maui is extremely rich. During Turtle Town snorkeling you will have odds to encounter marine creatures such as Humuhumunukunukuapuaa which is the previous Hawaii State Fish, butterfly fish, tang or surgeonfish, soldierfish, goatfish, trumpet fish, octopus, parrot fish, wrasse, triggerfish, hawkfish, needlefish, damselfish, chub, big eye scad fish, crustaceans, squirrelfish, snapper, eels, cardinal fish, jack fish, cornet fish and many other.

Where Is Turtle Town Maui?

Maui Turtle Town is located just in 30 minutes drive from Kahului Airport.

Turtle Town Maui is located in the South of Makena area and extends from Nahuna Point to Black Sand Beach. Despite “Turtle Town” is a name of rather a big coastline area, most people when saying "Turtle Town” speak about Maluaka Beach, as it is the very finest snorkeling beach in Maui Turtle Town.

To reach the Maluaka Beach you should take South from Wailea by Makena Road until its end. The beach entrance is not on the main roadway and it is rather easy to get passed. The entry is about 100 m to the South from the car parking area.

The Best Time For Turtle Town Snorkeling

Maui Island enjoys mild tropical climate with a little change in temperature within the year. Average air temperature varies from about +31oC in the summer to about +25oC in the winter. The weather usually is very nice and sunny all year round. Still there are two seasons in Maui. The summer season is from April to October and this period is a bit warmer along with slightly higher humidity. The winter season is from November to March which is cooler and with more rains. Makena area has the least number of rains in Maui Island.

The high season depends on the activity type. Let's say for surfing or whales watching the winter time is the best, but for snorkeling the summer season is more recommended as at this period the sea is the most undisturbed and visibility is the finest.

Maluaka Beach Snorkeling Conditions

The water surrounding Maui Island is warm all year round, in particular, its average temperature in the summer is about +28oC and in the winter about +24oC.
Maluaka Beach coral reef has a mild slope, this allows each person to choose the most convenient depth for snorkeling. Hawaiian green sea turtles feel great in the shallow water and it is not obligatory to snorkel too deep to meet them.

The sea is usually smooth and serene as Haleakala mountain hides the Maluaka Beach from Hawaii’s trade winds. This provides great visibility and makes this place perfect for comfortable and relaxed snorkeling.
It is possible to snorkel from the shore or to join one of the boats providing snorkeling tours.

Turtle Town Maui Accommodation

There is one four-star hotel located just at Maluaka Beach and plenty of different hotels and resorts located at the Wailea direction that is about 5-10 minutes drive from Maluaka.

Extra Activities At Maui Turtle Town

The calm water is ideal for swimming, fishing and boating. After water activities, you may relax on the soft white color sand, bask in the sun or play volleyball.
For those who like to play golf, local sea view golf course will be the pleasant addition to the sea adventures.

Turtle Town Snorkeling
Snorkeling Turtle Town (Maluaka Beach)
Maluaka Beach Snorkeling
maui turtle town
maluaka beach maui
turtle town maui
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