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Snorkel Park, Bermuda

Snorkel Park Bermuda, located a short walk from the cruise ship docks, offers access to vibrant colored coral reefs and a variety of stunning sea life. Snorkelers will see Angelfish, Parrotfish, Blue Tang, Squirrelfish and many species of coral, such as Brain, Fire and Blue Crust. The privately owned park charges a small entrance fee, but guests will have access to full facilities, and loads of fun!

What the Snorkel Park Offers

Swimming with dolphins, Snorkel Park BermudaSnorkel Park Bermuda is a great option for cruise goers. The park is only a short walk from the docks which makes it a perfect stop to experience snorkeling in Bermuda while the ship is in port. The best area to snorkel is along the left side of the beach, outside of the rock wall surrounding it. Shallower reef patches, in water between 2 and 8 feet deep, have plenty of coral and fish species to keep snorkelers intrigued. For those not looking to adventure on their own, the park also has marked routes to travel along in the water.

How to Get to Snorkel Park Bermuda

Direct flights between the United States and L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA) in Bermuda are offered. There are also international flights from London and Canada to BDA as well. The beach is located on the western side of Bermuda. Since car rentals are not allowed on the Island, those looking to visit Snorkel Park Bermuda who are not from a cruise will need to utilize the island’s bus, taxi, ferry or scooter rental services.

When to Visit

While Snorkel Park Bermuda is a fantastic travel destination year round, the late spring and early summer months provide for the best snorkeling experience. Between May and October, water temperatures hover around 27 degrees Celsius with visibility around 30 meters. The park is generally closed from November 1st through the 1st week of April due to colder water temperatures and high winds.


Snorkel Park BermudaMonday through Saturday, admission to the park is $5 for adults and children under 12 are free. On Sundays, admission is $10, but guests have access to volleyball, live music and games. Those looking to rent snorkel gear will need to have a form of ID with them. For $20 a day, Snorkel Park offers a full set of gear: mask/snorkel and fins. If only half of a set is required, mask/snorkel or fins, the rate is $10 per day. Life jackets and floatation devices are also available for those interested.

Snorkel Park Bermuda is a great place for families to spend the day. With a beautiful, sandy beach, vibrant atmosphere, well-maintained facilities, and an array of coral reefs and sea life, Snorkel Park truly has something for everyone.

Underwater Life: 
Coral reefs
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