Snorkeling Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve, Maui, Hawaii
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Snorkeling Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve, Maui, Hawaii

Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve, the youngest eco reef in Maui, offers relaxed wonderful snorkeling in clear blue waters rich for bright tropical fish.

Ahihi Kinau Snorkeling & Its Conditions

Ahihi Kinau shoreline consists of lava rocks mixed with coral formations. Areas with lava rocks are especially fine for snorkeling as marine life likes to make homes and hide among them.ahihi kinau snorkeling

Sheltered Ahihi cove nearby the road is beloved by most snorkelers. The water may be entered from any place of the coastline but to avoid walking on rocks, you may enter from the little sand patch at Ahihi bay’s North end (right-hand side). However, Ahihi Kinau Reserve covers a rather long part of the coastline and is not limited by this cove only.

Depth starts from less than 1 foot when you just enter the water and gradually gets deeper. This makes Ahihi Kinau a stunning spot for snorkeling with kids and for beginners, still advanced snorkelers will also find their convenient depth a bit farther offshore.

The site is featured by wonderful visibility which is the best in the early morning.

The abundance of tropical fish gather just nearby the shore in shallow waters and it is not obligatory to swim far offshore to enjoy the marine life.

Ahihi Kinau snorkeling provides good chances to meet Hawaii green sea turtles which like to gather around the first rocky spot at the North part of the cove (the rocks with a house on the top).

Ahihi Kinau Weather

Ahihi Kinau area is blessed by divine tropical climate. Warm sunshine is during the whole year. In average air and water temperature in the summer is +26oC while in the winter is +22oC. Ahihi Kinau summertime is a real paradise for snorkelers.

Where Is Ahihi Kinau Bay?

Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve is placed in Maui South in between Makena and La Perouse Bay. A drive from the Kahului Airport to Ahihi Bay Maui takes about 35 minutes.
Kahului Airport is serving domestic flights only.  It has a connection with Honolulu International airport and a range of some other USA international airports.

Extra Tips

Ahihi Kinau Reservation has no parking lot, so everybody parks just along the road. If you would like to park closer to the Ahihi cove you should arrive early morning.

There is no shop nearby the Ahihi Bay, so remember to take with you some snack and drinks. There are no showers and restrooms as well.

Underwater Life: 
Snorkeling with turtles
Swimming with rays
Coral reefs
Tropical fish
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