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Snorkeling Bermuda

Bermuda snorkeling offers sandy beaches, colorful reefs, abundant sea life and captivating shipwrecks to explore. With gorgeous beaches and reefs close to shore, Bermuda is a great snorkeling destination even for beginners.

Best Bermuda Snorkeling Locations

Bermuda’s sandy beefs and vast coral reefs make snorkeling possible at most beaches, but Tobacco Bay, Church Bay, Elbow Beach and Snorkel Park Beach provide the best experience.

Tobacco Bay

Snorkeling Tobacco Bay, BermudaThis beach is St. George’s Parish’s main beach. Though a bit far from the beaten path, it is certainly worth the effort to get there. Shallow, calm water makes this a great place for children or beginners to snorkel in Bermuda. There are public facilities and the clear water offers spectacular views of colorful fish, vibrant corals and other exciting marine life.

Church Bay

Snorkeling Church Bay, BermudaLocated in Southampton Parish and accessible from South Road, Church Bay is frequently recommended for snorkeling in Bermuda. Access is right off the beach, though snorkelers need to be wary of a few scattered boulders depending on the tide. This Bermuda snorkeling site is best on the right side of the beach along the boiler reefs. You will need to swim out to the reef, but once there you will see an array of sea life, such as Bonefish, Angelfish, Goatfish, Flounder, Trumpet fish and many varieties of coral. There are also picnic tables, restrooms and concessions where you can rent gear.

Elbow Beach

Snorkeling Elbow Beach, BermudaElbow Beach is a great Bermuda snorkeling location. Just a few hundred feet offshore, a large reef offers refuse to a diverse fish and coral population. Snorkeling can take place along the entire length of the reef and the water is generally calm. Pollockshields Shipwreck is also located along the edge of the reef and provides for an exciting exploration.

Snorkel Park Beach

Snorkel Park, BermudaLocated in Dockyard, this is a great Bermuda snorkeling spot for travelers on a cruise. It is walking distance from the cruise ship docks, though this means there is less visibility due to ships churning up the waters. A small entrance fee is charged, but because the park is privately owned, there area has full facilities. Along the left side of the park, there are shallower reef patches with coral and a wide variety of fish, such as Angelfish, Butterfly Fish, Parrotfish and many more. (picture is a link to the Snorkel Park page)

When to Snorkel?

Snorkeling in Bermuda is best between May and October when travelers will see water temperatures around +27C and visibility ranging from 25-30 meters. June is the prime month for Bermuda snorkeling as water visibility is slightly better and average water and air temperature is in the upper 20’s.  Months to avoid include February and March where temperatures are cooler and the winds are high.

How to Get to Bermuda

Many major U.S. cities offer direct flights to L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA) in Bermuda and there are also flights offered from London and Canada as well. While in Bermuda, travelers can utilize the island’s taxi, bus and ferry services, or rent a scooter since car rentals are not available.

With sandy beaches, clear water and a wide array of vibrant sea life, Bermuda is a great snorkeling destination!

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