Snorkeling Bimini Islands, Bahamas
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Snorkeling Bimini Islands, Bahamas

These tiny fairy islands with silky white sand and preternatural cobalt water will immediately enslave your heart. Even Ernest Hemingway fell in love with Bimini Islands and described them at his “Islands in the Stream”.

Bimini is a prominent destination for novice and advanced divers and snorkelers with its vast range of depths (from 10-foot shallows to wrecks at 100 feet depth), a great number of ancient and historical underwater sites, ample marine creatures and exuberant coral reefs.

Grab Your Goggles And Explore Bimini Snorkeling spots

Coral Paradise

The Bimini Islands are washed by the warm Gulfstream currents which formed extremely diverse lush coral reefs abundant with unique marine life. The Clear turquoise water surrounding the islands guarantees perfect Bimini snorkeling and diving.

Rainbow reef is go-to snorkeling Bimini location and photographers’ paradise. These shallow waters (15-25 feet depth) are home to more than 100 species of bright Caribbean fish.

Turtle Rocks which include 3 different zones – North, Middle and South – are popular Bimini snorkeling sites where you may encounter Caribbean reef sharks, spotted eagle rays and swarms of colorful tropical fish. The depth varies from 15 feet at the North to 35 feet at the South.

Play With Dolphins

Bimini Islands is a habitat of Atlantic spotted dolphins. It is very easy to find these wonderful friendly mammals at Bimini – just hop into a boat to take a prompt ride from the local port and in few minutes enjoy Bimini snorkeling with wild dolphins.

The most adorable places of Atlantic spotted dolphins at Bimini are the northern part and the southern area of islands chain nearby Orange Cay.

Give A Touch To Atlantis

Bimini diving is not completed until you have not visited full of mystery Bimini Road (or Bimini Wall). Giant limestone monoliths accurately aligned create a road which is covered with 20 feet of water. This object was discovered in 1968 close to the North Bimini shore and is deemed to be a part of the lost Atlantis.  

See Shipwrecks

Bimini snorkeling must-see is liberty ship Sapona which is standing in 15 feet depth shallow water. The vessel was built to participate at the World War I, but the war finished before the ship was completed. Sapona has exciting life story – it was a casino, an oil storage, a booze warehouse in times of Prohibition and even was planned to become a floating nightclub but ran aground at a storm in 1926. Within World War II, the ship was engaged in target practice during which suffered significantly. Currently, it is attracting site for snorkelers and divers.  

Another local wreck is Bimini Barge. This 120-foot ship settled down at the 1980s during a hurricane. The vessel stands upright on the sea floor. The cop of the barge is located under 65 feet of water while its bottom touches the seabed at 100-foot depth.

Just close to Bimini Barge there is the next shipwreck – Bimini Trader, which sank in 1992 and is lying under 85 feet of water. The upper part of the vessel may be explored at the depth of 70 feet.
At both sites, divers may encounter goliath groupers, loggerhead turtles, bull sharks and schools of Caribbean fish.

Where Is Bimini Island?

Bimini is located 53 miles to the East from Miami. It is the very west of The Bahamas archipelago.

You may reach Bimini Islands by 30-minutes flight from Fort Lauderdale or by fast ferry from Miami.

Bimini Weather

Bimini diving and snorkeling is possible all year round, still the best season remains summertime as the sea is the calmest during this period.

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