Snorkeling Culebra Island, Puerto Pico
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Snorkeling Culebra Island, Puerto Pico

Nothing prepares you to the mesmerizing and relaxation euphoria that the ever charming Culebra Island has for you with its paradisal waterfronts, gorgeous areas, diving reefs, snorkeling sites and blissful environment.

Culebra Snorkeling, Puerto Pico

Holiday and fun seekers who have discovered this hidden Culebra snorkeling haven are seen coming here often to unwind.  The reason is not for far-fetched especially for those who are looking for a perfect place for beach rest and travel experience.  There are no serious urbanization activities, not even the postmodern tension and stress that you feel in most islands because Culebra Island has eliminated hassles and rush hour from its lifestyle.

Just come here and explore the numerous perfect spots for diving and snorkeling in Culebra Island.

Things to See in Culebra Island

You will see the bird sanctuaries that President Teddy Roosevelt established in 1909. These are historic sanctuaries that you may love to explore. Have you seen the elusive rare Giant Anole? Come to Culebra and see so many of these lizards. Do not forget that Culebra is the nesting sites of hawksbill, green sea and leatherback turtles. The laughing gulls, brown boobies, noddy terns, bridled terns and sooty terns have made their homes at the archipelagos bird sanctuaries.

There is a United States of America’s tank that has been abandoned for years, lying rusting and still attracting people to it on a beach.  Most visitors know Culebra as the ‘Snack Island’ that has a charming landscape. The beaches are eight in number with spacious shores with different types of sands and blue waters that are striking. Culebra is where you can get some of the finest Culebra snorkeling destinations in Puerto Rico and the vibrant and pristine underwater world make a lovely home for the marine lives that are protected by the government. There is a coral reef that is situated at Carlos Rasario that will make your day. It has diverse marine life with little crowd to compete with.

Flamenco is one of the finest places you can visit and see a Culebra beach. It was once ranked the number two in the ‘world’s top ten most exotic beaches.’ The crowd here can be a discouragement to some people but it is indeed one of the finest beaches in the world. The Culebra snorkeling beach that is off the Tamarindo Estates is an ideal spot for snorkelers. There are so many manta rays and sea turtles and a wide range of anemones and soft corals.

The best time to visit Culebra is from November up to March. This is when there is warm temperature for snorkelers and those who want to sun bath.  Summer is an amazing time too. However, if you hate crowd, come between April and October. You can come to the island with private ferries, boats or even airplanes. There is the Benjamín Rivera Noriega Airport that you can make too.

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