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Snorkeling Curacao

Curacao snorkeling is a great for anyone who wants to swim amongst turtles, rays, eels and schools of vibrant, lively tropical fish in beautiful Caribbean waters.

Where to Snorkel in Curacao

snorkeling tugboat shipwreckTugboat is a very popular and well-visited spot for Curacao snorkeling. The area is accessible by car and is located along the southeast side of Caracasbay. The tugboat wreck, which sunk over 25 years ago, is only 5m (17ft) down and is covered with beautiful corals. If you make your way from the wreck to the steep wall located about a three-minute swim away on the southeastern side, it quickly drops to 30m (100ft) and you can see a variety of hard and soft corals lining the wall, along with trumpetfish, angelfish morays, scorpionfish, lobsters and many others.

Located on the west side of Curacao, Little Knip Beach is a nice, undeveloped area for snorkeling. Follow the signs to Playa Kenepa Chiki and when you reach the beach, venture out to the left side of the bay. Here you will be able to swim with a variety of fish and explore the vibrant, live coral reef. Keep your eyes peeled because you might even be able to spot a school of squid or an octopus trying to stay hidden in a hole. Though there isn’t much coral along the right side of the bay, it is still worth swimming over to check out. There are many fish, such as goatfish, chromis, angelfish, butterfly fish and lizardfish, along the rocks and you can see an octopus here as well.

snorkeling little knip beach

Klein Curacao is a great spot for Curacao snorkeling – if you know where to go. Located six miles southeast of the main island of Curacao, you will need to take a two-hour boat ride to this snorkeler’s paradise. You can charter a boat, rent a sailboat, ferry or motorboat to take you to the offshore island. Once on the island, you can enter the snorkeling area from the soft sandy area of the beach. The best spot for snorkeling is down the beach on the left side, where it is protected from the winds and waves. In this area, you will likely see some sea turtles, which can be a unique experience. For those more adventurous swimmers, you can also swim straight out and check out the reef wall drop off. Here you can see larger fish like Barracudas and even some eels.

snorkeling klein curacao

Best Time to Visit for Curacao Snorkeling

The best time to visit Curacao for snorkeling is the months of March and April. This allows you to avoid the rainy season, the windy season and the peak tourism season, which lasts from December until April. Realistically though, you can visit anytime of the year, as the weather does not vary that much. Average air temperatures reach a daily high of +29-32°C (84-89°F), dropping to +24-27°C (76-80°F) during the night. Water temperatures hover between +27-29°C (80-84°F) throughout the year which means you won’t need a wetsuit.

Getting to Curacao

Located in the southeastern Caribbean between Bonaire and the Caribbean island of Aruba, Curacao can be reached from many major international airports. Flights from North American cities to the Curacao airport can be limited, but surprisingly, flights from Holland are common. Once on the island, you will want to rent a car to get yourself around. Thankfully, there are many major car rental companies to choose from and they are not too expensive.

If you’re looking for some beautiful water and to interact with marine life, such as eels, lobsters, turtles, and tropical fish like bonefish, porcupinefish and soapfish, then Curacao snorkeling must be on your To-Do list for this vacation!

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