Snorkeling Desecheo Island, Puerto Rico
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Snorkeling Desecheo Island, Puerto Rico

Desecheo Island is an uninhabited island in Puerto Rico, which offers snorkelers and scuba divers fantastic views of tropical fish, colorful reefs and other unique wildlife.

What Desecheo Island Has to Offer

The uninhabited island is less than half of a square mile. It is managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, which means that the reefs and sea life are protected and healthy. Be warned, Desecheo Island once served as a practice bombing site for the United States military in the past, so entrance onto the island is strictly prohibited.

That does not mean visitors cannot enjoy the beautiful waters surrounding the island. With average water visibility around 15 meters, and reaching up to 50 meters, snorkelers and divers can see a variety of sea life, depending on conditions.

Candy Land is a great dive site that is full of coral, colorful sea fans and a variety of tropical fish. Ladder Reef and The Caves are two other fantastic dive sites that are full of sea life and color. Take time to explore the shallow reefs and appreciate the beautiful tropical fish, starfish and cleaner shrimps.

How to Get to Desecheo Island

The small, uninhabited Desecheo Island is off the west coast of Puerto Rico. Visitors will fly into San Juan International Airport (SJU), which is the main airport in Puerto Rico. From there, you will need to take a taxi or shuttle to Rincon. Taino Divers is a company that offers dive trips to the Island and will take care of providing food and drinks for the day trip. You could also charter a boat for the 21 mile, 45 minute ride to Desecheo Island.

When to Travel

Snorkeling Desecheo IslandThe best time to visit Puerto Rico is mid-April to June. Average temperatures are around +27C and water temperatures hover around +26C during this period. Winter season is considered peak season due to slightly better weather, but is much more crowded and expensive.

Desecheo Island offers snorkelers access to secluded, colorful reefs where a large variety of tropical fish and other sea life seek refuge.

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Underwater Life: 
Coral reefs
Tropical fish
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