Snorkeling Dry Tortugas, Florida Keys
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Snorkeling Dry Tortugas, Florida Keys

Dry Tortugas National Park provides wonderful snorkeling conditions featured by calm shallow waters which range from 5 to 15 feet deep, ideal visibility, a plenitude of diverse live corals and swarms of rainbow-colored Caribbean fish.

Dry Tortugas reservation consists of 7 little islands and extends on 1002 miles.

Dry Tortugas reefs being located remotely from the mainland provide a chance to dip into wild untouched nature. Snorkeling Dry Tortugas will amaze you by azure limpid waters and ideal visibility.

Further relaxation on the stellar white beach is a pleasant addition to Dry Tortugas snorkeling.

Dry Tortugas Snorkeling

Dry Tortugas is habitat to the most vivid USA coral reefs.

Dry Tortugas snorkeling may be started from a fascinating place located just in 75 yards out of the Fort Jefferson’s Moat Wall. The reef is parallel to the western fort wall. This area is abundant with sea grass, big coral heads, schools of vivid Caribbean fish and other marine creatures. You may access the water from the beach at the west side of the fort.

Nearby Fort Jefferson there are two other great areas for snorkeling – North and South Ruins of Coaling Docks. The metal pilings which once were supporting the wharf currently are home to lush corals and tons of multicolored fish that swing around.

Another Dry Tortugas snorkeling wonder is Texas Rock which is placed at the North of Garden Key. It is a giant mound of corals at the depth of 55 feet. Its top is located at about 35 feet from the surface. This spot is a magnet for sea creatures and you simply dip into the cloud of fish. There is the fantastic underwater wood of sea fans at the North part of the mound. Uncommon black corals may be also found at the reef.

Windjammer wreck is Dry Tortugas snorkeling must-see. The ship was built in 1875 and its original name was Avanti. In 1901 the vessel settled down on Loggerhead Reef. The depth varies from zero (as one piece of the wreck breaks the rim) to 20 feet. The best visibility at Windjammer is within flood tide. The most vibrant marine life runs at the wreckage stern and bow. Here snorkelers will encounter a diversity of fish from huge jewfish to dozens of little bright tropical species.  

How To Get To Dry Tortugas Reservation

Dry Tortugas National Park is lying in 70 miles from Florida’s Key West. There are 3 options how to reach the reservation. The first option is to hop on the ferry from Key West which will take about 2.5 hours. The second variant is to go there by float plane. The flight  from Key West will take about 40 minutes. The third way is to come to the nature reserve by private boat.

Dry Tortugas Weather and Snorkeling Conditions

Dry Tortugas has summer and winter seasons.

Windy conditions with large swells are common for the winter period (November – April). Snorkeling during this season is not recommended due to rather poor visibility.

The summer season (May – October) featured by ideal snorkeling conditions with light or no wind and superb visibility. Still the current weather should be checked before the trip as the summer time coincides with the hurricane period (June – November).

The average air temperature ranges from +24C during the winter months to +31C at the hot summertime.

The water temperature varies from +21C at the cool season to +31C at the hot time.

April and May (average air temperature +28-29C and average water temperature +26-28C) together with September (average air temperature +31C and average water temperature +30C) will be the best time for Dry Tortugas snorkeling.

dry tortugas snorkeling
Snorkeling Dry Tortugas coral reef
Snorkeling with sharks, Dry Tortugas
Snorkeling Dry Tortugas
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