Snorkeling Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii
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Snorkeling Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

Picturesque Hanauma Bay famed as the greatest snorkeling beach in the whole Hawaii. Hanauma Bay snorkeling beckons people from all corners of the planet by its exuberant pelagic life, serene azure waters, and white silky sand. This amazing place is a wonderful platform to mix water activities with paradisal beach rest.

Hanauma Bay is a Nature Reserve and the ecological situation is considerably improved within the last years. For example, some years ago the reservation was daily visited by up to 10 000 people. Visitors number was lowered to the limit of 3 000 persons per day only with the aim to elevate the ecosystem. Still Hanauma Bay remains the most visited snorkeling site in Oahu and in Hawaii.

Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay Snorkeling

Being protected from large swells by the coral reef, Hanauma Bay is an ideal snorkeling location and a good variant for snorkeling with children or for beginners.

You may enter the water from any point of the sand beach. A short swim and you are in transparent waters enjoying the coral formations.

Snorkeling Hanauma Bay provides the odds to approach really close to fish as it is very tamed. Peek into nearby caves or crevices formed by corals and you will see a plenty of tropical fish there. Catch this fantastic opportunity and make breathtaking photos and videos.

Turtles are also not a seldom guests here.

However, snorkeling in Hanauma Bay isn’t the best option to relish coral formations or topography. Two channels are available for exploration, but there are almost no live corals in the bay. In case you snorkel in the channels be careful as because the water exits through these channels from the bay there are quite strong currents. Snorkeling the channels is recommended to good swimmers only or when it is excellent weather. Most people usually stay in shallow protected inner waters.

The deep in the Hanauma Bay inner reef shallows varies from 2 to 8 feet while in outer reef waters are about 10-15 feet and gradually get deeper the farther you swim out to the ocean.

Visibility at Hanauma Bay depends on the weather conditions.

Where Is Hanauma Bay?

Hanauma Bay is placed on Oahu East Coast. 40 minutes drive will bring you from Honolulu International Airport to Hanauma Bay.

The parking overlooks the Hanauma Bay from the ridge and is limited, early arrival is preferable to get a lot.

After you have paid an admission fee you also have to watch a short video which encourages visitors to take good care of nature. Then you may walk down the abrupt hillside or hop onto a tram which takes visitors up and down. It is a pleasant walk with spectacular ocean view.

Hanauma Bay Nature Reservation is closed each Tuesday aiming to minimize the human influence on the ecosystem.

Hanauma Bay Weather

Hanauma Bay beckons visitors not only by rich marine life and beautiful beach but also its divine climate. There are 2 seasons – wet & dry and it is warm within the whole year. The change in temperature between warmer and fresher months is very small. The average air and water temperatures within summertime are +27C while within winter months they are +23C.

The two warmest months are August & September while the temperatures in October are quite the same as in June and July (in average air and water are +26,5C).

If to speak about winter, December is a little warmer than January & February.

High season in Oahu is the midst of December - midst of April while the low season is the midst of April - midst of June & September - midst of December. The best time for Hanauma Bay snorkeling is June-October what gives you a perfect chance to avoid high rates of the rush season.

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