Snorkeling Haulover Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
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Snorkeling Haulover Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

Haulover Bay is an up and coming snorkeling destination for those on the Caribbean island of St John. With great underwater structure and a variety of sea life, this bay is a fantastic snorkeling destination that is not usually crowded.

Snorkeling Haulover Bay

North Haulover will provide the best snorkeling for you. Take the narrow path through the woods for about 125 yards until you see the beach before you. Enter the water here and swim west (to your left) until you start to see the bountiful coral. There are huge coral heads covered in Fire Coral and Elkhorn, as well as other fans. During your exploration, you may encounter Stoplight and Queen Parrotfish, wrasses, Trumpetfish, Damselfish and even puffers and reef squid! The diversity of sea life here is fantastic and this area of Haulover Bay is much less crowded meaning that you will be able to explore freely.

One thing to be aware of at all times is your location. Due to the strong surf at Haulover Bay, it is not wise to explore the shallow areas of the reef just along the shore. With the waves, three feet of water can quickly decrease to one and cause you, and the jagged reef, serious injury.

How to Get to Haulover Bay

You will fly into the Cyril E. King Airport in St. Thomas, as St. John does not have an airport. Then take a boat to Cruz Bay in St. John. As you make your way from Cruz Bay, by car, take Rte 20 (aka North Shore Road) toward Coral Bay. Continue past Coral Bay and as you come down a steep hill, you will see signs stating that you are leaving the Virgin Islands National Park. Park at the bottom of that hill on your left, or further up on the right. Haulover South is on your right and from the road is visible. To get to Haulover North, the better snorkeling destination, follow a narrow path on the left side of the road.  

When to Visit Haulover Bay

From April to June is the best time to visit St. John, as you will experience mild temperatures and little rainfall. This time will also allow you to avoid the peak tourist season and the high prices that come with it. Temperatures average in the high 20s (mid 80s) throughout the year.

No matter the time you visit Haulover Bay on St. John, you will experience some great, intimate snorkeling that will leave a lasting impression!

Underwater Life: 
Coral reefs
Tropical fish
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