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Snorkeling in Hawaii

Snorkeling in Hawaii is a real bliss as it includes all the finest ingredients – stellar beaches, ideal weather, crystal clear turquoise waters and the pelagic world you can’t forget.

The Best Hawaiian Island For Snorkeling

The best snorkeling in Hawaii is at Maui and Big Island. These two islands possess much more snorkeling sites, the coral reefs here are healthier and the pelagic life is richer if to compare with Kauai or Oahu. For those who adore floating over vast coral fields the prime place to snorkel in Hawaii is Big Island. Swimming with turtles Hawaii dream will come true easily at Maui.

Hawaii snorkeling is extremely easy as dozens of wonderful spots may be accessed from the beach. This gives you an occasion to relax and to rest with no schedules – just walk to the beach whenever you prefer and snorkel. Of course, plenty of stunning boats tours are offered what is another pleasant side of snorkeling in Hawaii.

Explore Hawaii coral reef at the most prominent locations at Big Island - Two Steps, Kapoho Tide Pools, and Captain Cook Monument. Lush coral reefs in Hawaii will amaze you with their health, bright colors and abundance of marine creatures.

Among the best spots of Maui may be named Po'olenalena Beach, Makena and Kapalua Beach and Kahekili Beach, Maui West. These locations are the best to swim with turtles though some turtles may be encountered at above mentioned places at Big Island.

The Best Time For Snorkeling in Hawaii

Winter and spring are high seasons at Hawaii. Still for snorkeling the finest time to come is summer as the waters are warmer and calm at all locations. Summertime provides you with odds to snorkel sites which during winter are used for extreme surfing with waves up to 20 feet.

The 2nd peak season in Hawaii is from the mid-June and until the summer’s end, hence, if you prefer to save funds choose the early June or September.

However, Hawaii is suitable for snorkeling all year round as there are always locations with waters warm and calm enough to enjoy snorkeling.

The water temperature varies from about +23oC in the wintertime to +28oC in the summer. The air temperature ranges from about +27oC in the wintertime to +31oC in the summer.

Snorkeling Hawaii: Treasures Of Hawaii Marine Life

To swim with dolphins in Hawaii head to Oahu West coast. A big quantity of spinner dolphins is daily met at this zone. Join one of the tours and get the lifetime memory of swimming with dolphins in Hawaii.

To swim with sharks in Hawaii, you should visit the Oahu’s North shore. Specialized tour boats invite brave hearts to cage dive with these magnificent predators and watch them in natural conditions. 2-3 miles offshore from Oahu North coast you may see 15-25 sharks at a time.

Whale watching in Hawaii is everyone must do. Hundreds of humpback whales come to Hawaii for breeding, calving and nursing their offsprings. Hawaii whale watching is a unique occasion to enjoy the dance and song by one of the biggest mammals on our planet. So, when is whale season in Hawaii? Whale watching season Hawaii starts in December and lasts until May. During the whale season in Hawaii go to Auau Channel located in between West Maui, Molokai and Lanai. This is the top place to be delighted by spectacular jumps of whales from the tour boats and even from the shore.

Diving In Hawaii

Diving in Hawaii gives a big variety of sites. Whatever is your point of interest - marine life, wrecks or caves – Hawaii have what to offer.

Hawaii diving with manta rays is exceptional opportunity to meet these exciting sea giants. Manta rays usually try to avoid humans and to encounter these mysterious creatures is not as easy. However, Big Island Kona coast night dive provide you with great odds to watch manta rays in their habitat.

Molokini Crater which is located at 30-minutes boat trip from Maui is the next Hawaii scuba diving attraction. This area is abundant with fish and the backside with its deeper waters and strong currents beckon huge marine creatures like manta rays, whales, and sharks.

Hawaii diving at Molokai gives a great chance to encounter hammerhead sharks and even rare Hawaiian monk seals. Another wonderful option is Kauai or Maui dive with many Hawaiian green sea turtles.

Scuba diving in Lanai is famed for its ideal visibility and picturesque caverns. The most popular spots are Cathedrals I and II. This area has the exuberance of fish and invertebrates.

Scuba diving in Oahu is featured by wrecks of San Pedro, YO-257 and Sea Tiger. All 3 shipwrecks rest under 120 feet of water. Divers often spot eagle rays and green sea turtles close by.

How To Get To Hawaii?

Honolulu international airport (Oahu) is the main entrance point to Hawaii. Direct flights are available from the USA to Hawaii Island, Kauai, and Maui. To travel between the islands, you may use local flights, boats, and ferries.

Snorkeling in Hawaii
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Snorkeling in Hawaii
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