Snorkeling Kaanapali Beach (Black Rock), Maui, Hawaii
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Snorkeling Kaanapali Beach (Black Rock), Maui, Hawaii

Kaanapali Beach lies on Maui West coastline. 3 miles of sun-drenched white silky sand and azure tranquil waters beckon here visitors from the whole planet. Condé Nast magazine together with a raw of other famous publications named Kaanapali Beach “Best Beach In The World”. Despite Kaanapali Beach is among the most visited spots in Maui you will always find here room for yourself as the beach is really big.

Kaanapali Beach entices not only those who adore to sunbathe and chill out on the beach but also those who like to combine the beach rest with water activities like snorkeling.

Kaanapali Beach Snorkeling

Black Rock is Kaanapali Beach snorkeling highlight. To find the Black Rock head along the beach to the rocky peninsula at its Northern side. Sheraton hotel may be your landmark as the nearest hotel to the Black Rock.
This site can't be compared with other Maui snorkeling spots especially with offshore ones, but it’s a stunning bonus to the rest on this stellar beach. No coral reef is at this location but you may enjoy separate corals on the wall of black lava rocks. The waters surrounding the rock are habitat to colorful tropical fish but again they are not as rich for marine life as some other Maui snorkeling locations. However, Black Rock Kaanapali snorkeling provides you with a chance to encounter Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles and Spotted Eagle Rays. Also, many eels live in the rocks very close to the shore.

All worthy Kaanapali snorkeling is around the black rocky wall. The depth of waters around the Black Rock starts from 8 feet and gradually gets to 30 feet if to swim around the rock. Note that out of the rock’s edge may be a strong current, so be cautious and swim out only if the ocean is absolutely flat and if you are experienced swimmer. What is really good, the spot has wonderful visibility even at the deepest places, so when snorkeling along the rock from time to time take a glance into the deeper ocean side as there may be some rays or turtles.

Where Is Kaanapali Beach?

Kaanapali Beach is in about 50 minutes drive from Kahului Airport. You may get here by Hwy 31 / Piilani Hwy or S. Kihei Road driving to the North.
Kahului Airport is the domestic one which serve local flights only. It provides a connection with Honolulu International airport and with a number of American cities.

Kaanapali Beach Weather

Kaanapali Beach enjoys divine tropical climate what means sunny pleasant weather during the whole year. With almost no difference in air and water temperatures within the year, Kaanapali Beach welcomes tourists all year round. The warmest time is from June to September when the air temperature is from +21C to +30C and in average +26C. The average water temperature during this period is also +26C. The freshest time is winter when air temperature varies from +17C to +27C with the average both for air and water being +22C. Though Kaanapali Beach snorkeling is possible during the whole year the summer and September are the most perfect.

Kaanapali snorkeling with turtles
snorkeling kaanapali
Snorkeling Black Rock
kaanapali snorkeling
kaanapali beach snorkeling
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Snorkeling with turtles
Swimming with rays
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