Snorkeling Kahe Point Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii
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Snorkeling Kahe Point Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii

Kahe Point snorkeling is famed for the fish abundance, common presence of Hawaiian spinner dolphins & green sea turtles, and perfect water clarity. Virtually, on a nice day, Kahe Point visibility can rival nearly any location in Hawaii.

Kahe Point Snorkeling

kahe point snorkelingElectric Beach is the nickname of the Kahe Point Beach which derives from the neighbor power plant. This plant discharges clean lukewarm waters into the ocean. The ocean’s temperature is several degrees cooler than of discharged waters. These warm waters beckon plethora of marine life what is the secret of fish exuberance at Kahe Point.

Waters nearby the shore at Kahe Point Beach are very shallow and gradually get deeper if to move out to the ocean. The deep at the point where warm waters are discharged from the pipes is around 20 feet. Be ready to watch a cloud of colorful fish at this place. The power plant’s pipes are covered with boulders. Enjoy the bird view from the surface but don’t dive down to the pipes’ openings as the flows are very strong.

It’s easy to define the place where the power plant pipes are located. Before you start to swim just take a look at the ocean and notice the place where bubbles from the pipes come to the surface.

The water may be entered from the little sand beach on the big pavilion’s right-hand side. Breaking waves nearby the coastline at Kahe Point Beach are very common. Breaking waves and sandy sea floor cause the water near the shoreline being rather cloudy, but don’t worry, swim a bit out from the shore and get surprised by the great visibility you get there.

kahe point snorkelingKahe Point Oahu is ideal for an intermediate and advanced snorkelers as the beach is exposed and with strong waves and current nearby the shore. However, newcomers or not strong swimmers may join one of boat tours departing from Ko Olina Marina what will ease getting to the pipes.

Another highlight of Kahe Point snorkeling is Hawaiian green sea turtles who adore gathering in the corals along the pipes.

The next wonderful feature of snorkeling at Kahe Point is the site is beloved by Hawaiian spinner dolphins for a rest. Usually, dolphins feed their offsprings at night and rest in inshore waters within the day.

Where Is Kahe Point Beach Park

Kahe Point Beach Park is situated at Oahu West coast nearby the Ko Olina Resorts. The drive from Honolulu International Airport to Kahe Point takes 30 minutes. The parking lot is nearby the large pavilion.

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