Snorkeling Kapalua Bay, Maui, Hawaii
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Snorkeling Kapalua Bay, Maui, Hawaii

You must visit Kapalua Bay during your tour to Maui or Hawaii. It is one of the most amazing places in Hawaii and in the world. Kapalua Bay many times received titles like “Best Beach In The World”, “Best Beach In The USA” etc from numerous publications.

Kapalua Beach astonishes visitors by its beautiful scenes, silky white sand and azure waters rich for vibrant marine life.

Kapalua snorkeling is a wonderful opportunity to combine water activities with sunbathing and chilling out on the divine beach.

Kapalua Bay Snorkeling

Kapalua Beach snorkeling is a dip into pelagic paradise. The calm crystal clear waters became a cradle for lush coral formations and rainbow tropical fish. Kapalua Bay waters are always full of vibrant life – abundance of fish in schools and on its own are cruising all around. The bay is habitat to turtles so you will definitely meet some of them.

Kapalua snorkeling is ideal for beginners and kids because of its serene flat waters.

The Kapalua cove has a crescent shape which conduces to gathering of marine life inside its sheltered waters. Two reefs protect the bay from each side providing prime Kapalua Bay snorkeling conditions. Thanks to such protection Kapalua Bay snorkeling is great even if trade winds are blowing while in other locations during such winds snorkeling is impossible.

Kapalua Bay snorkeling, Maui, Hawaii

The water is easily accessed from the beach.

The sea floor in the middle of Kapalua Bay is sandy, hence the water may be a bit cloudy, particularly when it’s windy. To take maximum from your Kapalua Bay snorkeling head to the North side of the beach on your right side and snorkel along the rocks. The visibility around the rocks is better as there is less sand here. The farther out you move to the North edge of the reef the better is the visibility and the healthier are the corals. Another point is that marine life also likes to concentrate along the reef and quantity of fish here is greater. However, do not pass the reef’s edge as you will encounter really strong waves there. The deep of waters here is about 10-20 feet and  you can enjoy all marine creatures up close.

You may explore the left side reef as well. It has greater exposure to the waves and wind, hence the visibility here is poorer. The same is about the corals and marine life – it can’t be compared to the right side. Still you will encounter some nice corals here as well. Again the farther out you swim the healthier the reef is. The depth is quite the same as on the right side.

Kapalua Bay Weather

Kapalua Beach tropical climate entices visitors whole year round. This spot is true heaven with constant sunshine and warm days. The air temperature in the winter varies from +17C to +27C with its average +22C. The air temperature in the summer & September ranges from +21C to +30C with its average +26C. The average temperature of waters is about +22C during wintertime and +26C within the summer & September.
Kapalua Bay snorkeling gold season is from June to September. The waters are the warmest and the most calm during this time, so you may completely enjoy relaxed floating. Kapalua Beach snorkeling in the winter is also possible but the water is more fresh and snorkeling conditions are less predictable and depends on current weather situation.

Where Is Kapalua Bay

Kapalua Bay is placed in Maui North-West in about 1-hour drive from Kahului Airport. It may be reached by Piilani Hwy (#31) or S. Kihei Road.

Kahului Airport is serving local USA flights and has connection with a raw of American cities. There is flight connection with Honolulu International airport as well.

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