Snorkeling Ko Nang Yuan, Thailand
South China Sea
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Snorkeling Ko Nang Yuan, Thailand

Ko Nang Yuan is a fantastic day trip spot that offers stunning white sand beaches, and waters teeming with diverse marine life and colorful corals.

What to Expect from Snorkeling Ko Nang Yuan

There is a 100 Baht entrance fee for the island, since it is privately owned. Aside from that, there are no fees and you are free to enjoy the best snorkeling that Thailand has to offer. You can rent some gear from the Ko Nang Yuan Resort’s Dive Shop, which is located on the island, or bring your own. The island’s waters are protected, so you will see little debris and the only damage to the reef is where divers and snorkelers have made contact.

Once here, there are a couple great spots to snorkel. The Japanese Gardens are definitely a site to visit for snorkeling Ko Nang Yuan. Here you will find a wide variety of fish, though there is not a large abundance of them. Throughout the coral, you can spot sea slugs, sea urchins, Barracudas and plenty of tropical fish, like Parrotfish and Angelfish. 15 meters is the maximum depth here and there is generally little current during the year. The area is roped off to keep boats away, which keep snorkelers, and marine life such as Bannerfish, Rabbit fish and Giant Pufferfish, protected.

snorkeling ko nang yuan

Twin Peak is another good snorkeling spot, but an even more popular dive site. This area is sheltered from the elements and offers clear and calm conditions during the majority of the year. The depth reaches from 5 to 20 meters and is a great dive spot for scuba divers of any certification level. There are also areas that are shallow enough to snorkel and you can catch glimpses of Barracudas and turtles making their way through the water.

When to Visit Ko Nang Yuan

Though the climate varies a bit, you can visit Thailand, where Ko Nang Yuan is located, any time of the year. However, the best time to visit is during the dry season, which stretches from November until early April. During this time, you will experience little rainfall and temperatures between +29C to +34C (84F to 94F).

How to Get to Ko Nang Yuan

The tiny island of Ko Nang Yuan is located off the western shore of Koh Tao in Thailand. It is a 10 to 20 minute boat ride from the shore of Koh Tao and you can find many tour groups that offer transportation or day trip packages. If you head to the beach at Koh Tao, you can also find many boat drivers looking to shuttle customers to the beautiful Ko Nang Yuan at any time of day.

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No matter when you visit Ko Nang Yuan, you will experience some fantastic snorkeling, beautiful beaches and vibrant sea life. Make sure not to miss everything that this tropical island paradise has to offer!

snorkeling koh nang yuan thailand
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