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Snorkeling Marathon, Florida Keys

Snorkeling in Marathon, FL introduces the 3rd longest barrier reef on Earth with all its live corals and marine life abundance. Marathon snorkeling can confidently compete for the rank of the best place to snorkel at the Florida Keys.

Bahia Honda State Park natural beach is a stunning addition to snorkeling Marathon Key providing its azure blue waters and silky sand for your relaxation.

The Best Marathon Snorkeling Spots

The most amazing Marathon snorkeling spots located offshore – in between the Marathon Key (Vaca Key) and the barrier reef or just at the barrier reef.

You may begin your Marathon Key snorkeling from Coffins Patch. The place got its name from the ship which sunk in this waters transporting a load of coffins, however nowadays there is no sign of the wreck.

This site is situated rather close to the Marathon Key, just in 3.5 miles of Key Colony Beach. In the same time, Coffins Patch is placed closely to the barrier reef, hence, it is well washed by the ocean waters and offers both wonderful visibility and marine life profusion. Coffins Patch is featured by uncommon pillar corals and huge brain corals.

This snorkeling and diving spot includes around 6 patch reefs and each of them is really unique and beautiful. 10 feet is the average depth, but deep varies from patch to patch. The maximum deep is 25 feet.

One of the reefs is called The Donut and it received this name thanks to its shape. The round mound of rocks is covered with a great variety of sponges. The average deep is 15-20 feet.

Another patch reef is The Stake which name arose from the steel post standing in the sea as a mark. Site location in blue shallow waters ideal for snorkeling. The Stake is packed with fish and is must see during Marathon snorkeling.

Sombrero Reef is a highlight of Marathon Key snorkeling and unforgettable experience not to be missed. It is just snorkeler's heaven with all the best snorkeling ingredients – crystal clear water, ideal deep, a wealth of fish, sponges, and coral species together with wonderful topography. Sombrero Reef is situated just at the barrier reef’s edge and is 8 miles away of Key Colony Beach.

Formations of spurs and grooves offer a big variation of depths ranging from 5 to 35 feet. In addition, there are many canyons to investigate as well as sea cave arches inviting to swim through.

Enjoy plenty of lush live corals and exuberance of rainbow tropical fish. Turtles, stingrays, and nurse sharks are often guests in this area as well.

Location And Climate

Marathon lies in the middle of Florida Keys.

There is an international airport in Marathon, but it doesn't offer scheduled flights. Most visitors usually take a flight to Miami or Fort Lauderdale with a further drive to Marathon. The drive from Miami takes approximately 2 hours and from Fort Lauderdale around 3 hours. Key West international airport is in 1-hour drive to the South and is a good option.

Shuttle buses, car rentals, and taxis are provided from all the above-mentioned airports.

Marathon beckons visitors by its pleasant tropical climate. The weather during the whole year is sunny and warm. Humidity is much higher in the summer what makes the winter time a peak season.

Summertime is featured with +29oC average air temperature and +31oC average water temperature. Wintertime average air temperature is +22oC and average water temperature is +21oC.

Hurricanes period begins from June 1st and ends on November 30th, still the main risk of storms is during September and October.

The best period for snorkeling Marathon Key is from the 2nd half of April until the end of August.

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Snorkeling with turtles
Swimming with rays
Coral reefs
Tropical fish
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