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Snorkeling in Maui, Hawaii

Maui Island is #1 for snorkeling in Hawaii. The best snorkeling in Maui is guaranteed to newcomers and veterans. Beginners may explore shallows while advanced snorkelers may enjoy overhangs, drop-offs, and ledges. Maui snorkeling conditions featured by diverse topography, perfect visibility and abundant pelagic life.

Best Snorkeling in Maui

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Best Places To Snorkel In South Maui

Snorkeling Molokini#1. The best snorkeling in Maui begins from Molokini Crater - an islet being an underwater volcano. The site is placed 2.5 miles offshore from Maui South and has the shape of a crescent. Molokini Crater created ideal conditions for marine creatures feeding and breeding and is shelter to over 250 species of local tropical fish. Except shoals of bright colorful fish here snorkelers may encounter manta rays and sometimes even little reef sharks. This location has a vast variety of hard corals. Molokini adored by snorkelers for its ideal visibility. The crater also belongs to the top Maui scuba diving spots.

Snorkeling Ahihi Kinau Reservation#2. Ahihi Kinau Reservation is the youngest Maui eco reef. This little cove is sublime for those who snorkel with small kids or who feel awkward in the open ocean. Ahihi Kinau is located at the Maui South in between Makena and La Perouse Bay. The coastline is besprent with a mix of lava rocks and coral formations. The waters have a wealth of colorful fish and a great number of green Hawaiian sea turtles.

Snorkeling Turtle Town#3. The best Maui snorkeling should be continued in Turtle Town - the finest place to snorkel with green Hawaiian sea turtles. This site is located in between Nahuna Point and Black Sand Beach at the Maui South. Turtle Town is habitat to dense populations of these wonderful turtles and plenty of diverse tropical fish. Turtles usually act very friendly and like to come close to humans. Former Hawaii State Fish – Humuhumunukunukuapuaa – also may be met here. This site is featured by great visibility, commonly no wind and a gentle coral reef slope which allows each person to find the most convenient depth to snorkel.

#4. Maui best snorkeling is not complete without visiting 5 Caves (5 Graves). This site suits good swimmers and quite experienced snorkelers and is famous Maui scuba diving area. The spot is placed a bit to the North from Turtle Town and may be reached by car from Makena Road at South Kihei or by boat. 5 Caves are habitat to green Hawaiian sea turtles, reef sharks, eagle rays and plethora of tropical marine creatures. White tip sharks often spotted sleeping in the caves. 5 Caves better to visit with Maui snorkeling guide as this site has rather tricky variable ocean conditions.

#5. Ulua Beach (Kaulauo Beach) referred to the best snorkeling beaches in Maui. The beach may be accessed from Wailea beach road, as a mark take a parking sign of Marriott hotel. The location is loved by snorkelers because of its calm waters, plenty of bright tropical fish and great beach rest as a bonus.

Best Places To Snorkel In West and North-West Maui

#6. Coral Gardens are placed at the central part of Maui West shoreline. This site contains all the best ingredients of Maui snorkeling – breathtaking coral reef, marine life abundance and big quantity of green Hawaiian sea turtles. The spot is featured by great visibility, calm waters and shallow to medium depth range.

Snorkeling Kaanapali Beach#7Black Rock is another option of the best snorkeling in Maui. The site is placed at Kaanapali Beach which is prominent rest point in Maui. The beach is very popular and hence crowded, however, the Black Rock is a hidden spot known mainly by locals. To get to this spot head to the North-West side of Kaanapali Beach, it is nearby the Sheraton hotel. The deep varies from 8 to 30 feet. The best snorkeling is around the lava rock side. You may enjoy the rainbow-colored tropical fish and meet green Hawaiian sea turtles at Black Rock.

Snorkeling Kapalua Bay#8. Kapalua Bay is a gem of Maui snorkeling beaches. Crescent-shaped bay is ideal for gathering of marine life inside its serene waters. Picturesque landscapes, calm water, shoals of undersea life and divine beach are waiting for you here.

#9. Napili Bay lies in between Kapalua and Kahana. It is amazing peaceful beach suitable for beach rest and relaxed snorkeling. Napili Bay calm waters sheltered gorgeous lush corals and wealthy undersea life with the daily presence of green Hawaiian sea turtles.

Honolua Bay#10. Honolua Bay is placed 20 minutes drive from Lahaina Town at North-West Maui. This site provides the finest Maui diving and snorkeling conditions together with incredible scenery. The best period to snorkel at this spot is the mid of summer when the ocean is calm.

The average air and water temperature in Maui ranges from +22C in the winter to +26C in the summer. Most locations are suitable for snorkeling all year round.

Snorkeling with whales is one of the amazing things you can do in Maui.

Maui snorkeling beaches
Best snorkeling in Maui
Snorkeling in Maui
Best places to snorkel in Maui
Best Maui snorkeling
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