Snorkeling Molokini Crater, Maui, Hawaii
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Snorkeling Molokini Crater, Maui, Hawaii

Molokini Crater is an ancient underwater volcano which created a tiny islet 3 miles offshore from Maui South. Molokini Crater Maui is a highlight of snorkeling and scuba diving in Hawaii. Molokini snorkeling is featured by very clear waters, the exuberance of healthy corals and a vast range of tropical fish.

Molokini Crater is Marine Life Conservation District and also state bird sanctuary. Molokini trip is a dip to wild nature and a bright unforgettable experience.

Molokini Crater Snorkeling

Molokini snorkeling and diving are held from boats only (walking on the islet is prohibited by law as it is a bird reservation).

Molokini snorkeling, Maui, HawaiiThe North rim of volcano incurred erosion and the crater was flooded what created such a unique form of a crescent. This type of shape protects the inside waters and encourage marine life concentration and flourishing. Molokini Crater area possesses ideal ecological conditions for marine life to feed and breed their offsprings. As s result currently this exceptional area comprises over 250 tropical fish species.

The best snorkeling is along the shoreline in shallow waters. Sunshine easily gets to the sea floor in shallows and cause an abundance of lush corals which are home to tons of colorful fish. Molokini snorkeling is widely known for its vast variety of hard corals which include around 35 species. In inside crater waters except schools of particolored fish may be encountered small white tip sharks and even manta rays. Usually, the farther you move to the deeper water which is at the crater's back the bigger creatures you meet.

Thanks to remote offshore location waters around Molokini Crater are famous for ideal visibility and many people say they are the clearest in Hawaii. Visibility here in average is about 150 feet and sometimes may reach even 200 feet.

The inner waters are sheltered by the crater walls what makes Molokini snorkeling safe with no swells or streams. However, usually ocean conditions in the afternoon are unfavorable because trade winds start to blow. That is why the best Molokini snorkeling is in the morning.

Molokini Scuba Diving

Molokini Crater is a prominent world scuba diving spot. Molokini diving provides excellent conditions for beginners, intermediate and advanced divers.

Newcomers can get great experience in the crater's inside waters where the maximum depth is 35 feet. Divers with intermediate level enjoy underwater wall area with a deep up to 70 feet. Molokini crater offers to experts 350-foot vertical drop at the outer Southern rim which is world top wall dive location.
Molokini dive, especially in deeper waters, give a chance to encounter sea giants like manta rays, whale sharks, humpback whales, and even Hawaiian monk seals. All this amazing creatures were sighted at the Molokini Crater and maybe you will be the next lucky person who encounters them there.

Where Is Molokini Crater?

Molokini Crater stands in Alalakeiki Channel in between Maui and Kahoolawe islands. Molokini Islet may be reached by a tour boat departing from Maalaea Harbor and the Kihei Boat Ramp at Maui. Both full and half-day Molokini trips are offered by tour operators.
There is a domestic Kahului Airport on Maui Island. It provides local flights to a list of the USA cities and has a connection with Honolulu International airport.

Molokini Crater Weather

Molokini area enjoys paradisiacal climate with wonderful weather 12 months a year. However, summertime and September with the average air & water temperature +26C is the most suitable for snorkeling at Molokini.

molokini snorkeling
molokini crater snorkeling
Snorkeling Molokini Crater
Molokini snorkeling, Maui, Hawaii
molokini scuba diving
Turtle at Molokini Crater, Maui
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