Snorkeling Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas
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Snorkeling Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas

Nassau snorkeling daily entices thousands of marine life lovers by its crystal-clear turquoise waters, a vast number of surrounding keys and coral reefs fertile of diverse sea creatures.

Nassau Snorkeling Adventures

Lush Coral Reefs

Rose Island is placed 3 miles east from Paradise Island linked with Nassau by the bridge. Rose Island coral reef which rings almost entire island is prominent Nassau snorkeling spot. The depth at Rose Island reef ranges from 5 to 35 feet.

Gambier Deep Reef is located at the northwest coastal area of New Providence, about 9 miles from Nassau downtown. Despite the maximum depth of the place being 80 feet the top parts of the reef are perfectly visible for snorkelers.

Love Beach is another great site for snorkeling in Nassau, Bahamas which offers 40 acres of protected lush coral reef with teeming underwater world.

Coral reefs around Nassau have a great variety of conchs, corals, sponges and give shelter to dozens of colorful tropical fish shoals.

Catch the opportunity to snorkel with reef sharks in Nassau. Usually, for this purpose bite boxes are lowered to the depth of about 40 feet to attract sharks and snorkelers watch these toothy predators from the sea surface.

Catching Historical Shipwrecks

Nassau snorkeling featured by lots of famous shipwrecks.

LCT Barge wreck was the backdrop at James Bond Thunderball and nowadays has nickname Thunderball. Over the period of World War II the ship operated as a landing craft. LCT Barge is lying on the seabed between New Providence Island and Exuma being snorkeling in Nassau must see.

The Mahoney wreck is a 212-foot freighter built in the 18th century which settled down in 1929. The vessel was renamed 4 times. Firstly being a private yacht the ship was named Candace. After being purchased by the British Military, she started to bear the name Firequeen and was a British admiralty's flagship. Later on, the vessel became a lighthouse tender and was named Firebird. Finally sailing as a freighter the ship had the name Bahomian. Nobody knows why currently the shipwreck is called the Mahoney.

The Alcora is a 130-foot freighter which was used for drugs smuggling and after its confiscation was sunk in 1983 by local diving operators in accordance with permission of the Bahamas government.

Easy Trip To Nassau

It is easy to access Nassau by plane. Lynden Pindling International Airport is the biggest international gateway in the Bahamas which is placed in 16 km west from Nassau.

There is no direct ferry to Nassau from Florida.

The Best Season For Snorkeling in Nassau

Nassau has two seasons – wet and dry, still there is no cold season.

The wet period starts in May and continues until October. Through this season, the average air temperature is around +32C, average water temperature is around +26C and the humidity is really high. The hurricane season coincides with wet period and lasts from June to November.

The dry period begins in November and last until April. The average temperature through this time is about +26C with considerably lower humidity and average water temperature is around +23C.

High season in Nassau is opened from the mid of December and closed in the mid of April. The law season is from June to August.

The greatest time to come to Nassau is in between of high and low seasons - from the second half of April till the end of May. At this time, it is not too hot, humidity is also not so high while the place is not already the same crowded as during the peak time, the hotel rates drop down and the water is warm and calm.

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