Snorkeling Palawan, Honda Bay, Philippines
South China Sea
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Snorkeling Palawan, Honda Bay, Philippines

Those diving at the string of islands known as Palawan, will be offered breathtaking views of starfish, sea horses, endangered turtles and stunning species of coral. Palawan is an archipelago that consists of 1,780 islands and boasts large coral reefs, which make it a fantastic diving and snorkeling spot.

Best Time for Palawan Snorkeling

The best time to travel for those interested in Palawan snorkeling, is during the shoulder months of May or November. You will still experience warm temperatures between +27C and +30C, and water temperatures hovering around +28C, but will miss the crowds and expensive accommodations. However, if you want the best weather conditions possible and are willing to pay more for flights and hotels, January and February are the prime months to travel to the Philippines. This is also the best time to experience the largest variety of sea life, as it is mating time for many species.

Great Spots for Diving and Snorkeling Palawan

There are many different spots for diving and snorkeling Palawan. Each spot has its own unique features, but rest assured that no matter which site you choose, you’ll get to experience some fantastic marine life!

Kalambuyan Reef in Coron Bay is a great dive site. To get there you’ll need to take a thirty minute boat ride northwest from Okikawa Maru, but the ride is more than worth it. This site is perfect for Palawan snorkeling, as you’ll interact with an unparalleled diversity of marine life and beautiful corals.

Snorkeling El Nido, PalawanA perfect spot for beginning divers, Tagbao Island, El Nido offers shallower waters. It is a great spot to see colorful coral and crayfish. Those Palawan snorkeling who are looking for a more difficult dive, can head to Cuttlefish Shawl in Puerto Princesa. Depth is increased here and the sites can be harder to find, but divers are rewarded with sights of angelfish, barracuda and cuttlefish.

Twenty minutes from the main island, The Wall, is great for scuba divers of all skill level. This area is rich with marine life and bountiful corals. The site is also popular for underwater photographers looking to capture the beauty that the sea has to offer.

How to Get to Palawan

Palawan has three airports, one major and two smaller. The main airport is the San Jose Terminal in Puerto. Cebu Pacific, AirAsia Zest and Philippines Airlines all offer daily flights from Manila to Puerto. The flight lasts a little over an hour. Palawan also has boat connections with Manila, Mindoro and Iloilo. These boat trips are not offered daily though and can often be unreliable. However, for the adventurous traveler, you will get to take in some beautiful scenery during your boat ride.

Palawan is a great dive spot in the Philippines. It also offers tremendous snorkeling off many of its beautiful, white sand beaches. The archipelago plays home to 400 species of coral and 800 species of tropical fish. A dive here will not be forgotten!

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