Snorkeling Rockhouse, Negril, Jamaica
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Snorkeling Rockhouse, Negril, Jamaica

Rockhouse Negril, Jamaica is an intimate, exclusive snorkeling destination that offers stunning views of vibrant coral, schools of tropical fish, sea urchins and many other species of marine life. 

Rockhouse Hotel

Rockhouse HotelPerhaps one of the most famous spots in Negril is the Rockhouse Hotel. This sleek boutique hotel sits on the cliffs of Negril’s Pristine Cove and overlooks the gorgeous waters of the Caribbean Sea. It has about thirty rooms, great restaurants, an infinity pool and relaxing spa. Some villas even have direct access to the Caribbean Sea with ladders stretching down into the water. Imagine waking up and going for a dip in the gorgeous ocean first thing in the morning. One thing to note is that while visitors can dine at the restaurants, only hotel guests can snorkel in the cove.

Rockhouse Negril, Jamaica Snorkeling

Rockhouse is unique in that while it is known for great snorkeling, there are no beaches. Rockhouse Hotel actually has diving platforms carved into the jutted rock walls. Due to the lack of sand being churned up at the beach, Rockhouse Negril, Jamaica actually provides greater water visibility for snorkelers.

rockhouse negril jamaica

Snorkeling is so great at Rockhouse Negril, Jamaica that it made CNN’s list of top places for underwater photography. Beyond the vibrant marine life, such as parrotfish, wrasse and barjacks, that snorkelers can explore; there are also grottoes and underwater caves to check out. These caves are home to eels and silverfish and are certainly worth exploring.

The BEST Rockhouse Boat Tour

If you don’t have the privilege of staying at the Rockhouse Hotel, rest assured that you will still be able to snorkel in the beautiful cove - if you take a boat tour. There may be many vendors at your hotel trying to sell you on a tour, but look no further than Famous Vincent Glass Bottom Boats. Travelers rave about Vincent and his crew and the amazing snorkeling experience that he offers. His boat will come around and pick you up from your hotel, and then take you to snorkel Rockhouse Negril, Jamaica. He will actually get in the water with you and take the time to show you the vibrant marine life.

An Experience Beyond Snorkeling

The coast that Rockhouse Negril, Jamaica faces, allows for some of the most gorgeous sunsets in all of Jamaica. Rockhouse is also famous for cliff jumping and tours from all over Jamaica offer the opportunity to do this. The Rockhouse Hotel is home to three of Jamaica’s most famous restaurants, Pushcart Restaurant & Rum Bar, Pool Grill & Bar and the Rockhouse Restaurant. Cuisine varies from authentic Jamaican to internationally known cuisines. 

Where and When to Travel to Negril, Jamaica

Jamaica offers warm weather and beautiful beaches all year round, but the best time to visit is between October and mid-December when temperatures are in the mid-20s (high 70’s). If possible, try to avoid the summer months since it will be hurricane season. From Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Rockhouse, Negril is about a two-hour car ride.

rockhouse jamaica

Whether you stay at the Rockhouse hotel or a place in Negril, Rockhouse Negril, Jamaica offers a once in a lifetime snorkeling experience that you will not want to miss!

Underwater Life: 
Coral reefs
Tropical fish
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