Snorkeling Sharks Cove, Oahu, Hawaii
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Snorkeling Sharks Cove, Oahu, Hawaii

Despite the name Sharks Cove is not habitat to sharks but it is featured by exuberant marine life. Large boulders and corals form ledges and caves where marine life likes to dwell and hide. Cliffs shelter the bay and its calm waters entice schools of tropical fish. The beach of Sharks Cove is rocky.

Sharks Cove Snorkeling Conditions

The bay is not always calm. Waves in the ocean may cause rather strong currents inside the cove, so pay attention to weather conditions when you go snorkeling.

Sharks cove snorkeling is not recommended to little kids because of not very convenient rocky water entrance and possibility of currents. Still Pupukea tide pools which are located at Sharks Cove South are nice places for small children.

To enter the water just go down from the parking which overlooks Sharks Cove to the left-hand side of the bay. The bay’s shoreline is rocky and the rocks are rather sharp, hence, take care while entering the water. When you just start to snorkel you should navigate among some rocks and boulders. This area is shallow with 2-4 feet depth and with plenty of fish between the rocks. Further on, the cove gradually gets deeper up to 20 feet. The deepest zone is in the midst of the bay. Do not swim out of the cove as you will encounter very strong currents there. The visibility is up to weather conditions.

Sharks Cove snorkeling is a great opportunity to explore the fascinating undersea world full of bright tropical fish. Sea turtles, octopuses, and sea urchins are very frequent at this location as well. Not so many corals can be seen at Sharks Cove but the topography is amazing.

Where Is Sharks Cove?

Sharks Cove is placed on famous North Coast of Oahu Island, Hawaii and belongs to Pupukea Marine Life Conservation District. A drive from Honolulu International Airport to Sharks Cove takes about 60 minutes. The cove is about 1 mile to the North-East from Waimea Bay on Highway 83. The Foodland store on your right could be the landmark just before you will find Sharks Cove on your left.

Occasionally, the site may be crowded as Sharks Cove snorkeling is extremely popular. The parking lot of Sharks Cove is quite small. It’s recommended to arrive at 9-10 am to get a lot for parking.

Sharks Cove Weather

Oahu Island, Hawaii has a wonderful tropical climate which brings sunshine and warmth all year round.

June - October is the warmest period when the air temperature varies from +22.3oC as registered minimum to +31.5oC as registered maximum. In average both water and air temperatures within these months are +27oC. August and September are the warmest months when temperatures are almost the same.
The wintertime is a bit cooler. During December – February the air temperature ranges from +18.5oC as registered minimum to +27.3oC as registered maximum. In average both water and air temperatures within this time are +23oC.

The North Coast of Oahu is world famous surfing destination. The surf season lasts since October to April with the biggest waves in December & February. On the contrary, snorkeling is recommended during the rest period of the year (since May until September) while summer is considered the prime time for snorkeling Sharks Cove. However, whenever you go snorkeling check whether waves are absent. Large swells cause strong currents which are dangerous.

Sharks Cove Accommodations

There are accommodations for different budgets just nearby Sharks Cove. Hostels and modest rooms are available for an economy stay while ocean view luxury suites or bungalows will satisfy the most exacting customers.

Sharks Cove, Oahu snorkeling
Sharks Cove snorkeling
snorkeling Sharks Cove
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