Snorkeling Turtle Bay Resort, Kuilima Cove, Oahu, Hawaii
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Snorkeling Turtle Bay Resort, Kuilima Cove, Oahu, Hawaii

Kuilima Cove offers the most protected and calm waters in whole Oahu Island. Kuilima Cove snorkeling (often called Turtle Bay snorkeling) is the best choice for beginners or persons with little kids.

The stellar white sand beach is ideal for sunbathing and relaxation after water activities. Relish the divine panoramic scene of the bay and chill out on the beach.

Turtle Bay Snorkeling

kuilima cove snorkelingTurtle Bay Resort stands on the border of two bays – the bigger Turtle Bay on the left and the smaller Kuilima Cove on the right. Usually snorkeling at both bays is called Turtle Bay snorkeling, however, Kuilima Cove snorkeling is better as it has calmer waters and better visibility. To find Kuilima Cove just walk to the East coastline (right-hand side).

The rocky barrier protects Kuilima Cove from waves and it remains serene even when there are strong swells at the North shore.

Kuilima Cove snorkeling is featured by excellent visibility. The average deep is about 5-6 feet. The sea floor mainly consists of flat corals and large rocks. The site abounds with particolored tropical fish including notorious humuhumunukunukuapuaa. Turtle bay snorkeling provides odds to see turtles, however despite the bay’s name they are not very frequent guests at this location.

Turtle Bay is less protected than Kuilima Cove. The currents and waves in Turtle Bay sometimes may be really strong, so take care of weather conditions when you snorkel.

Where Is Turtle Bay?

Turtle Bay is placed at Oahu North shore. A drive from Honolulu Airport takes about 1 hour. Turtle Bay Resort lies in between 12 and 13-mile markers on Kamehameha Highway (HI-83 E).

Use a parking lot at Turtle Bay Resort premises. A number of parking spaces for visitors who don’t stay at the resort is limited and they are marked "beach access". If you aren’t a guest of Turtle Bay Resort early morning arrival is preferable to get a parking lot.

Turtle Bay Weather

turtle bay snorkelingTurtle Bay enjoys a tropical climate with the divine sunshine weather during the whole year. The warmest months are August and September. June and October have pretty the same air temperature. The air temperature during June - October ranges from +22C to +32C and in average is +27C. The average water temperature in this period is +26C.

Wintertime is the freshest with air temperature from +19C to +27C. The average air temperature during winter is +23C. The water temperature in average during winter is +23C.

The best time for snorkeling Turtle Bay is summer. Oahu North coastline has a great exposure to trade winds within winter what cause poor visibility and large waves, hence winter snorkeling conditions in here are unfavorable.


Luxurious Turtle Bay Resort faces Turtle Bay and Kuilima Cove. The resort offers different accommodations from standard rooms to deluxe seafront villas.

Another option to rent an apartment in one of seafront condominiums.

The nearest city to Turtle Bay is Kahuku and it is placed in 10 minutes drive from the bay. Those who would like to save some money may rent a room in a guest house or hotel in Kahuku. The rent for accommodations in Kahuku is much lower than for ocean view condos and resort.

Extra Activities At Turtle Bay

There are a plethora of things to do except snorkeling at Turtle Bay. You may enjoy other water activities such as surfing, stand up paddling, kayaking, fishing  or outrigger canoe trip. A wonderful coastline golf course and tennis courts are at your convenience. You may explore the peninsula by bike, motorbike, segway and even helicopter.

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